Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

My daughter has joined Sigma Delta Tau, now what?

Once she accepts her bid to join Sigma Delta Tau, your daughter will go through our six-week new member program. This program will teach her about the history and values of Sigma Delta Tau. It will be an exciting and busy time for your daughter! This program will also allow her to bond with her new sisters. She will receive support in academic matters and begin to experience the social aspects of being in Sigma Delta Tau. 


What are the benefits of joining Sigma Delta Tau?

Sigma Delta Tau offers opportunities to grow as a person, become more confident, and learn life skills that she will use throughout her life. Encourage your daughter to take advantage of all that Sigma Delta Tau has to offer.


Leadership Opportunities:

The Rho chapter provides many ways for your daughter to grow as a leader and become involved within the chapter and around campus. She will be able to discover her talents, perfect her abilities and develop new skills that will help her gain confidence and be her best self.


Campus Involvement:
Being a member of Sigma Delta Tau ties naturally to campus involvement and leadership. As a new member, your daughter will learn about the opportunities for campus involvement. During her new member education meetings, she will learn about the various opportunities available to students on her campus. 


Philanthropic Opportunities:
Through our national philanthropies, Sigma Delta Tau offers members numerous ways to build confidence in others and inspire action in the community. Through Sigma Delta Tau, your daughter will have the chance to make a difference in the lives of girls by supporting Prevent Child Abuse America, Jewish Women International, and the Sigma Delta Tau Foundation. The sisters of the Rho chapter also support many local organizations including Habitat for Humanity, the B+ Foundation, Tuscaloosa's One Place and many others.


What are the requirements of being a member of Sigma Delta Tau?

The members of the Rho chapter chose your daughter to join their chapter because they found in her the kind of woman they want for a sister—someone with good character, a positive attitude and a commitment to sisterhood. As you might imagine, these expectations come with some important responsibilities.

No organization can thrive without policies and standards. Sigma Delta Tau’s standards range from behavior expectations to financial commitments. It’s important to note that the sorority’s policies are meant to be observed and its rules are meant to be obeyed. 


Behavior Expectations:

Sigma Delta Tau offers standards and guidance to help your daughter hold true to the values that have helped shape who she is today. The chapter helps members make good choices and holds them accountable.  When members make mistakes, a designated chapter officer and a standards board meet with the member in a loving and caring environment to offer support and provide an opportunity for positive behavior change.


Academic Requirements

Sigma Delta Tau understands that education is the number one priority for all collegiate members and expects its members to make academics a priority and sets standards that members are expected to meet. Each chapter sets a GPA minimum based on Panhellenic standards and the all-women's average. 


Any Other Questions? Please email our Chapter President, Caroline or any of our Executive Council members!