Fun Facts

Nick Name: Sig Delt

Flower: Yellow Tea Rose

Jewel: Lapis Lazuli

Colors: Cafe Au Lait and Old Blue

Badge: The Torch

Mascot: The Teddy Bear

On March 25, 1917 seven young women who exemplified self-confidence and the willingness to take a chance, founded a new sorority at Cornell University. The founders of Sig Delt were discriminated against in the Greek community for their religious beliefs and thus created the first chapter of Sigma Delta Tau, a sorority inclusive of all religions. Each one of these amazing women added her own identity to the newly formed sorority. Today, the membership of over 25,000 women has contributed to the overall success of Sigma Delta Tau.


The Rho chapter of the University of Alabama was founded on May 10th, 1935. We pride ourselves on our genuine sisterhood and our loyalty to one another. Alabama Sig Delts come from all over to form lifelong friendships. Our sorority strives to uphold the ideals of our founders while bettering our college experience. 


While we are a smaller sorority on campus we are still active members in the Panhellenic community. We participate in all events that all other Panhellenic sororities do however it is just on a smaller scale. We pride ourselves on maintaining a close sisterhood with all members while growing and being a part of the larger greek community and UA campus overall.


Mascot: The Teddy Bear